First Flight 10:35 AM December 17,1903 Kitty Hawk, North Carolina--Photo by John T. Daniels United States Coast Guard

Monday, March 07, 2005

Conclusion-What is Airmanship?

Well, it's the sum of your attitude and airman skills. It begins with the attitude you have toward yourself and others, and includes your sense of moral and ethical responsibility to both. As an airman, your attitude is integrated with your airman skills, which are, your piloting skills, your technical expertise and understanding of the aircraft you fly, your social skills and your CRM skills. Your attitude and airman skills determine your level of airmanship and ultimately, your rank among other aviators. If your objective is airmanship then remember: Attitude + Airman Skills = Airmanship. Ultimately if our objective is professional airmanship, our objective becomes one of learning, maintaining, and enhancing our airman skills. It means we have a strategy to succeed and be examples of "Airmanship". If that is truly our objective, we will no longer think of our piloting skills as "airman" skills. We will see them as "Airmanship" skills.

Copyright R. L. Daniels 2005


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