First Flight 10:35 AM December 17,1903 Kitty Hawk, North Carolina--Photo by John T. Daniels United States Coast Guard

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

5-Airman Skill - CRM Skills

CRM skills are airman skills. They are critical to your success. CRM skills are not theoretical skills. Nobody has a theoretical accident, or gets theoretically killed. If you are a passenger, you don't want a captain who is a theoretical leader and communicator. You want a captain who is a professional leader and communicator. If you're a captain, you don't want to sit next to a first officer who has poor CRM skills. 80% of all accidents are human factor related and can be traced directly to the behavior of the crew and their lack of CRM Skills. What this means is that someone else doesn't have an accident, SOMEONE has an accident and that someone usually lacks CRM skills.

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