First Flight 10:35 AM December 17,1903 Kitty Hawk, North Carolina--Photo by John T. Daniels United States Coast Guard

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

4-Airman Skill - Social Skills

An airman can't fly in today's world without social skills. A highly skilled airman has highly refined social skills. Social skills begin with attitude. A sense of responsibility to self and others. It includes our social skill level under normal and abnormal operational conditions. We are well aware that our social skills are tested as individuals as we interact with others when stress begins to build during a duty day. There are numerous sources of stress and we often need to rely on our social and problem solving skills in managing stressful events. As professional airmen we need to be proactive in maintaining and enhancing or social skills, in other words, our people skills. We can clearly see that the concept of airmanship includes multiple skills. Attitude, technical skills and social skills. There is another skill which helps us tie these three skills areas together. Your Crew resource Management skills.

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