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Sunday, March 13, 2005

1-Airman Skill - Attitude

An airmanship attitude begins with the attitude we have toward ourselves. It starts with a healthy sense of self esteem. Self esteem is your personal assessment of you and the value you place on yourself as a person, privately and publicly. As professional pilots, our objective is to keep our sense of self esteem balanced and healthy. It means a view that is not overestimated or underestimated. A balanced sense of self esteem is a view that incorporates a healthy sense of fairness, dignity and respect toward ourselves. It includes a desire to be healthy physically, emotionally and in our relationships with others.If our attitude toward ourselves is healthy and balanced, we are then in the best possible position to extend dignity and respect toward others. Dignity and respect are the most fundamental ingredients we seek in our personal and public lives. If you have a sense of dignity, respect and fairness toward yourself, you can extend it to others. If you don't (and the number of people who don't would surprise you), it's difficult, if not impossible, to extend it to someone else. The foundation of an airmanship attitude is a desire to be healthy in the fullest possible sense. Physically, emotionally, and in our relationships with others.An airmanship attitude includes a desire to be and excel as a professional airman. A professional airman is someone who understands that being an airman is more than having a certificate or commanding a flight crew. A professional airman is someone who realizes that airmanship requires attitude and piloting skills, technical skills, and social skills. A professional airman is someone who possesses an "Airmanship Attitude" and understands that as airmen, we have a moral and ethical responsibility to our selves, and each other.

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